Saturday, November 22, 2014


Sorting some chill music which I fell in love with. Made this track list for hours of searching and listening to every single song I found and some of them are my old favorite; please prepare for eargasm.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Till it hurts

You guys would think I'm no longer on blog. But heck I'll never quit blogging. Just no inspiration around and no much spare time to spend here I swear. Recently, I've finished my busy days and deadline so I have time for myself and did several shots of outfit under scorching sun which I missed. I did a tiny change to my layout just now so you guys don't puke when you stop by. well, if you did.

Various things happened whilst this blog was abandoned. For example, I have been working full-time for 4 months and truthfully I have been working my ass off since the first day and 2 months again I'll resign due to me going to college. Yes, I'm envy to death with my friends that are mostly college students now especially when things get tough. See, what a real mature. And hey I cut my hair a week ago, not too extreme length but hopefully success to keep me out from hair loss. My hair was considered too long and unstylish especially by mom, who was not forget to lecture me daily before I cut it down; Apparently wearing a lot of black, yeah black is now being my kind of aesthetics. White and grey are okay, but for me who unconsciously fond of putting stuff on dirty surface and spill ketchup or other strange thing on it, black suits me best. And for this kind-of-winter shot, don't ask. You can imagine how it felt when you wore them under the heat of sun and people's staring and cat poop. but fortunately I love how it turns out. Turtle neck never goes wrong.

wearing Giordano wool turtle neck h&m rings Berrybenka pants h&m loafer

so I'm thinking about making a beauty post on the next post. how do you think?