Thursday, April 10, 2014

damn so high

Tomorrow will be the last day we spend our endless time in school. Wow unbelievable, time is truly fierce sometimes, like blink of eyes and that's all. Well, what a great years I'd spent on high school, every tiny memory is worth to enjoy especially about friendship and the food too sure I'll miss. 
So just flash-wise-words for the juniors out there,somewhere far far away ; value your every moment in school, you'll surely miss it one day. 
We'll have our national exam on Monday till Thursday I supposed. i'm extremely unready for this. 
I'll post to make sure y'all don't have to worry about me. yes, I'll come back again possibly next week I guess. And these are bunch of eyecandy photos I collected from tumblr and various brand collection/campaign for all of you (and yes,doughnut is one of inspirational picture), so chiao people!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Yep, I'm still alive. I know I took a freaking long break of blogging, 2 months maybe? Well, sorry it's because I'd been kidnapping by a bunch of aliens and it warned me not to blog or the entire cats on earth will be in danger (um would you help me think about more logical excuse?)

I'm kinda polaroid obsessed lately,and having some impromptu shoots of what I wore that day and on Sunday we've family picnic to Berastagi. anw love the picnic weather- not humid like the city and kinda windy and chill so wearing thin sweater and shorts is quite reasonable. Just came home from tuition, and yeah I'm currently having my school final exam. Trying to refrain myself for not doing anything yet I choose a perfect time to blog. Well I'll stop 'till here and probably do some sketches and find some food to entertain myself after a hectic morning.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blessed unrest

This is totally my first post in 2014, so it's not that late to say....Happy new year!!
 I have my 17th birthday on the first day of the year, anw thankyou all for the lovely greetings, especially jovani who did a cute surprise right on my birthday hehe, you all  are awesome! and well, I think I'm still this silly and immature since people expect you to be mature and keeping a good image on your way-to-adulthood age; Many things occured when I'm not on blog, me and family went to orphanage for girls to sharing a simple birthday happiness with the kids. They sang birthday song and prayed with my name in it, their sincerity and innocence immensely moved my heart.
Break's over and we back to school. Last Thrusday not my-so-lucky day, I got my turn on oral-speaking test in front of the class. The topic is "what are you doing on the 1st day of chinese new year?" I was stammering,  completely embarrassed and my grammar was like asdfghjklqwertyuiop and the class was awfully awkward in that moment. I was completely sucks. I'm pretty sure they didn't understand what I said literally.
wearing vintage camisole mango cardigan cool jeans birkenstock sandal

finally self timer shoot after months, it turns out not bad because I changed the camera mood and other things. This is my second shoot with birks kicks which is kinda addictive, and this time I'm having fun wearing  the classic brown with socks. It's particularly the fault of an image of one Kate Moss, smoking a cigarette while wearing white jeans and the matching-hued birks. Considering of getting those hideously awesome white birks. And talking about outfit, it's simple/slouchy/laid-back kind of day which explained by wearing thin cami and 90s jeans.
Btw,I made my new ask page on askfm, please don't hesitate to ask anything because curiosity killed the cat. Sorry for super long overdue post, hope you enjoy your sunday!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A great end

wearing unbranded dress topshop plaid shirt unbranded clutch topshop sneakers
Most of these pictures were candid so you can see ma' sassy chick face. Pretty casual outfit I suppose in which I paired a super simple black dress with plaid shirt tied on my waist to avoid plainess indeed. Oh and the cap as you can see, is my class' cap. I mean "Muse" is our class name based on voting we did months ago. We do sort of things before we graduate like this, inagguration and prom.

Happy new year's eve!
I always post on new year's eve if you notice my previous years' posts, because I think I've to make an ending post for year's end. Well, lot things happens in 2013 and sure many things have changed since then. This has been such a great year and I could only wish everything gets better in 2014, and as for myself - aim higher, stop being cynical and not taking things for granted. 
Last day of being sixteen and turning seventeen tomorrow! happy and quite nervous about it. 
Can't wait for tonight' magnificent fireworks,xx

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What I got for christmas

Merry christmas y'all filthy animalssssss!
Finally it's christmas! Many reasons why I love christmas well let's start with the atmosphere, christmas movies, big fat jolly santa, bunch of pretty lights on trees, jingling bells, wishlist  and exchanged presents!
Didn't mean to bore you with details and comment but here's what I got for this year christmas from my lovely chums with no partical order.
Take a look to present they wrapped. Mine look like dog shit, I'm a real sucker for gift-wrapping thingy.

backpack (from Jovani) obsessed with backpack right away so this is definitely my new babe.
sunnies (from Jovani) this cat-eye is cute and quintessential at the same time, adorbs much!
heels (from Josvita) certainly will wear this classic baby to prom and any formal party.
book (from Melina) Harukiiii! well, I resist myself not to read them because I'd 3 books to read at the same time.
boots (from Melina) this is my first boots so pretty excited to have one now!

Thank you so much for the gifts, I love them so much! Hope you guys love the present too!
Happy holiday!xx