Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Last night,I had a mega project to do,hahhaha,I slept at almost 12 am,with my back's hurt,and of course my eyes was so damn tired,unfortunately,I haven't done my chemistry homework.But its all for my besties of course,and for her birthday.So,its not a big problem.And,I had mentioned her at 11 am I guess,to say happy birthday of course!:D

So,last day my brother & his korean friend landed at Medan,and my father took them to Gumarang,Indonesian Food.Hell ya,he's so damn friendly and adorable!and he's really really tall!hahahha,his name is Lee-Dong-Buk(I guess,I'm forgot already)he's such a friendly guy.We took him to Asia Mega Mas and ordered a lot of Medanese culinary,such as Laksa,Bihun Bebek,Kwetiaw Seafood,Saksang,He-Chi,etc.Lol,my stomach was about to exploded!
Well,as I said before,he's really friendly,and his smile is really charming,hahhaha!and I was reminded of Lee-Min-Ho!lol:D
He had teaches me some korean words,hahaha.I'd took some pictures with him,but I'll shared it to you all later.

I miss blogging,forgive me for not updating blog lately,because i really didn't have a spare time.really.But now,I'm here:)


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