Sunday, October 9, 2011

Everything will be okay


I have a perfect date with my laptop and blackberry today.So I had stories to tell ya C:
I'd found an Italian guy on omegle(I've forgot his name,I think Andrian perli or something),and we had a nice conversation.He said he is 20 years old,and he's such a nice guy.yeahh,and then I tried to search his name on facebook.And all the name is related to an Italian football player which have the same name too!So,I don't know he was just joking or something,so I asked him what's his occupation,and then he didn't reply and ended our conversation.So,I just like...what!?-_-

And another omegle story.It was yesterday.So,I met a Philliphines girl who live in California,she's friendly.she honestly said that she's a kind of Bi(who love male and female),so she asked me if it's normal or not,and i like..okayyy,no problem,it's normal nowadays..hahaha,She said it's just happened,she suddenly in love with her bestfriend when she kissed her for fun,but suddenly she felt like..okay,you know what I mean.
She sent me her photo,she's a kinda cute,but my internet is so freaking damn sucks and finally our conversation ended!I even didn't knew her name,but I will wish the best for you there<3

I'm so freaking tired today and my eyes is about to pop out,and well chemistry is such a nightmare for me.Have a nice day lovely darlas.


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