Tuesday, October 18, 2011

need some sprinkles of luck

*big sigh*

hey buddies,monthly exam started yesterday and I had a really GREAT stressful week lately.A tons of exam materials to study,like biology,civics,economics,aaaaaa,hell!my back hurts all night,more pimples,and many much.and by the way,tomorrow I will have biology test.GREAT YEAH.

 My bro and Lee Deok Woo oppa will go to Korea this thursday,its means 2 days again,or 48 hours again.sad of course,cause my bro will stay there for such a long time.I will miss his friend too,hahhahahaa,because every time he passed through,he smelled like soft white musk perfume,and i love that smell.Aaaaaaaa,I hope they can stay here for a few months,but........they just can't.

                                                           my random pictures.

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