Friday, October 7, 2011



 Well,as usual,I spend my precious 9 hours at school.Playing,do some insane things with my special partner in crime,laughing like hell,brain-storming,and yelled in class,pretty much fun,as usual.

So,3 days again my brother would come back from aussie,because he had graduated from his college.I'm really excited he coming home,so we will having much time together<3
But this time,he came with his friend,from Korea he said.Yeah,it sounds awkward when stranger come and stay in our house,because I can't sing loudly in the bathroom with hoarse voice,yelled at my brother,or do some crazy chicken dance in the kitchen.aaaaaaaaaaa.
s u c k s.

"I'm sorry for being stupid and not knowing what to say to make you stay."

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