Tuesday, November 22, 2011

मैं वास्तव में खेद

Hi little lovely pals.

A long long time I didn't updated my blog,even other social network,or just browsing something unimportant.Yes,its all because my internet already in expired period,so I open my laptop recently just for hearing some music and seeing pics.hehehe.

Well,last sunday is my dad's birthday.We celebrated it at Sushi Tei with my mom & bro.I took a lot of pictures,but my dad already hide the camera somewhere(he hide it recently,cause maybe he knows I love to took junkies pics)so I can't upload it.Hehehe,but maybe later,when I know where the camera is;)

 I'm feeling really guilty to melina,so the story begin when we were too lazy to went to tuition,so we had planned to skip the tuition today,and we asked melina not to go too(yes,what a sneaky-minded)and she was just like forcing us to go tuition.So,we just playing some jokes with her by saying she wanted to went there because her crush went too.And then,she's like went mad and honestly I'm rarely saw her gone mad.Yes,of course we're shocked till now.Okay,I'm too afraid to texted her,and I afraid of her GROARRRR. 
 So Melina,if you see this kinda post,hehehehe,we just wanna say a huge sorry,please don't take it seriously.We were just kidding and joking.Hope you'll cheered up soon.
We love you.


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