Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Come on

Oh pretty well,

Today is a bad day,how come?its all because of me fell down very very hard at school corridor,hehehe,firstly,we passed the corridor to went to atot's class and then I wanted to kick josvita's ass,but after that I slipped.Maybe it because of the floor,very slippery or maybe karma,well whatever.Okay,it felt so GREAT.My elbow,waist,knee are really hurt and my skirt ripped!pa.the.tic.Luckily the corridor was quite dark,so maybe people didn't saw my face clearly,well I hope so.
Really pathetic and freaking embarrassing!

Okay,nightmare will coming less than 10 days again.GREAT.
Let's fight and get high scores!!!!!!

Fabulous hair!<3

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