Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time to face the fact

At your birthday a few months ago,
We shaked hands and I said happy birthday to you with blushing face at your old class,
I remember our first long conversation,
When we chat like we were an old friends who have never met each other,
Try to always replying each other texts, till late night ,and we forced our eyes continue to stay awake.
and I remember when you called my name with your voice that I miss till now,and stared at my eyes deeply,
Honestly,I felt I was fell in dark hole,deeply fall,like there isn't a place to crash on it. Its kinda exaggerate, but  love never treat your brain properly.
And soon,
We've got connected each other,and started telling each other daily activities,hobbies, music, like others.
I know you love soccer so much,I love it too,but I adore it more because of you honestly,
You sent me some mercurial and nike soccer shoes pics and asked me which one I prefer.
I know your shoes collection,one of them is your birthday present from your classmates,but you like to play soccer without wearing shoes.You told me all of them.
When we got our high school first exam,we were study math and promised each other not to slept until we could done the question.
Always thoughtfully asked each other activities,our family,and home address,
and sometimes we talked hilarious things in messenger and text at the same time,
and I was really panic when you were pretended to be mad at me,and read my texts but you don't replied back,and suddenly you laughing so hard and you said its just a joke because you was taking a nap.
Remember when I spelled the Manchester United coach name 's wrong,and you teased me all day.
We rarely talked in real life,cause I'm absolutely shy and probably don't know what to talk about,
But frankly,I miss that all.
I wish I could turned back time and collect our memories.
Now, these present day,
we ignored each other,
we didn't even talk,
we just walked away like we don't know each other,
we drifted apart,
soon become strangers,
and I just wish things turned out differently,
I know you've a crush,and you like her so much,
I guess we were just a joke and I'm not a totally serious thing for you.
Soon enough till today,I'm trying to move-on,forgot all things that ever happened to both of us,
I hate your egoism and your everything-is-definitely-okay face,
Yeah,you're definitely an easy come and easy go guy. Yes, I'm trying and pretending to be strong. But who knows inside?
I'm totally wrong of expected too much from you.Thank you for ever making me smile like an idiot.

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