Friday, December 2, 2011



December is coming!hohoho.I love December<3

 Well,less than 14 days to the semester exam.Okay,this is such a bloody horrible nightmare.Geezzzzzzzz,5 chapters of biology exam materials,math,physics,and other freaking lame subjects.
And,I haven't study all of them yet.Great.
High school is not as its seems,dude!
Not as its seems on TV,or teens serial drama,that full of gossip,tears,fashion,love competition,duel,or another bullshit stuffs.
But why they didn't capture the stressful exams,the failed students,or another reality about high school.Burffffh.Boredom.

 Geez,definitely really really lame internet connection.
Kay then,see you soon,darla,

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