Saturday, January 28, 2012


Post outfits pics again!:D
Well,as you all know i'm not a good fashion blogger.This is not a fashion blog thou,but fashion takes a big part on my life.I'm not the expert one,its all just for fun,to spent my spare time,and learning something useful.And i'm not stylish anyway,I just like to mix match outfits I had and trying to make it wearable and quirky ;)
By the way,my closet isn't as big as you think.Sometimes,I try my mom's stuffs too.Hehehe.
And I decided to add 2 different outfits today :)

PS. Some pics can't be rotated.Pardon moi :(

 Denim vest-Vintage Knitted lace crop-Unbranded Black long skirt-Mom's Bag-Sembonia

Black sleeve shirt-Unbranded Camel long skirt-Theme Gold clutch-The Executive

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