Thursday, January 5, 2012

Muchas gracias,mi amor.

Hola,sweet amigos!
We had so much fun today.Well,our class curtain buffer was broken.We knew who did it,but the person who did it didn't want to confess.So,we bought it ourselves but with treasurer cash.Me,Jovani,Chika,Josvita,and Melina went to Central Market near our school.We got the longggg god buffer,and we asked Chika to grabbed it.Hahaha,our bad,we kinda bully her,but just joking.She was like a monkey ninja with a long gold stick on her hand,LMAO.Then,went to Dunkin Donnuts and had some drinks and donuts,Josvita & Jovani treat us.Well,I can't tell how sweet are them.Hahaha!Pretty fun you know,I wish everyday we can hang out like this.Hehehehe.

By the way,thankyouusomuch for the greetings and presents!hehehe!I really appreciate & love it so much!
Although,its late.Hahaha,4 days ago, never mind,love ya all <3
Well,I post something that Josvita had begged me to,this is it!

Flag blouse;RayBan Aviator;Leather Bracelet;Chanel Lucky-Charm Bracelet;Love Double Ring-Awesome lovely gifts!
Mustache double ring-Unbranded online Short pants-Roxy  Blue long socks-Sox Gallery

Hehe,maybe too many photos!But,hey,muchas gracias,besties!<3

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