Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hi,buddies.How's your day?:)
Yes,I'm here.Tired with the same routine everyday,which would end and begin again and again tomorrow,next week,and next month,till the next 2 years.Yeah,I know,it's sucks to be me.

Sometimes,I miss the days when my family still intact at each other.I miss my brothers's insane and craziness.And,I will never ever ever forget their voices.Well,really unforgotten.Their damn ugly voices when they singing and yelling at the bathroom.When I begged them to treat me or accompanied me to the book store.or when they came home from playing futsal with sweaty smelly bodies,well,they deliberately splashing their sweat on my face.Not funny.Yeah,I hate it.But I don't know why,suddenly I miss that moment.I miss them,when the trio back to action.lol
You know how it feels like 2 of your family members living far away from home,whose living at the other part of the world,and one again living out of this hometown,and only come home like once or twice a year.It sounds lonely I guess.I'm so excited you know,waiting in front of my house,seeing dad's car,with my brother in car whom I miss so muchness.And the sad part is seeing their back on the airport that approached to departure gate,and even saying goodbye a thousand times but they will still go ahead thou.
Yes,that's life.Pathetic,excitement,some seems hard,horrible and makes all look difficult.Hey,we can't only survives,but we have to live our life.
But whenever shits happens to us,always remember one thing.Family comes first.

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