Saturday, February 25, 2012


Bueno dias, mis amigos :D

Arrived home earlier today, errrr, not too earlier, but I guess, it was.
Jovani, Melina, and Josvita and the others go to Gor Samudera to support our school basketball team on DBL match. I can't goooooo *soob*  because no one can fetch home when we're finished, so I left my pray and goodluck for them, so goodluck guys! *hawaiian dance*

Well,I'm sitting here at home typing these stuff to killing my time. So,I practiced some of my best smile at the mirror just now. Emm,thing I gonna say is, WOW. horrible. I was like, OMFG. What the fug is that? Is that my smile everyday ? I feel like dinosaur.....with a horror smile. Oh oh oh oh.
Forget the smile, it doesn't even look good on my post. But, i won't delete it either, because it's too worth it. MUAHAHAHA. I'm talking shit too much. Yes. I'm stressed ya know. I need holiday! As soon as possible.
Teacher, Y U NO give us holiday and cancel the exam?! I'll give you all my barbie collection if you do it.

So, for killing my time faster, I made a list 10 places I want to go before I die. See this,mom,dad.

  1. Jakarta
  2. Seoul, South-Korea
  3. Bali & Lombok 
  4. Raja Ampat, Papua
  5. Paris, France
  6. Seattle, Washington D.C
  7. Sidney, Australia
  8. London, England
  9. Dubai
  10. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

So,that's it. If you want to give me the plane ticket for free, just post on my comment. I'll gladly accept it with a lot lot lot of pleasure.Muahaehaehae
After for a thousand years I had waited,suddenly I won't give up- Jason Mraz music video is finally out! How awesome is that! Ayayyy <3

Waiting for his new album "Love is a four letter word".Enjoy the video, my beloved friends.
Chiaos everybody !:)


  1. Seoul is high on my "to visit" list as well. Actually there are so many amazing places in the world I want to visit I wouldn`t even know where to start!xx

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