Friday, February 3, 2012


Here comes February♡
I started up this month with horrible cold,headache,fever and heavy cough.Brrmphasdfghjkl.
Its really not cool.Yes,I'm dying and surviving from this pathetic things!
While I'm laughing or talking too loud,suddenly I can't stop coughing.And its really bother me.Well,hope myself will get well as soon as possible,hehehe.So,I can yell and scream normally!:)
So,here comes the month of lovers around the world.Valentine's day.Well,what I only knew about those day are couple will have romantic candle light dinner,giving or making chocolates and give it to their loved ones,flowers and red roses must be sold out,and romantic words will spread around.I mean how sweet are those things will happens to them.But for me,I'm still single,dude.So,maybe valentine's day will be no different than another day of my life.Well,maybe,someday,someone will make 14th February special and worth it.Yeah,maybe someday.

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