Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Optimus prime

P-h-i-u-h. Finally finally. Exam's end.
Really really happy, like that feeling when you hold your breath for such long time and release it, hahaha, but mix with some kind of nervous feeling maybe? Report book? Bitch please.
I'm watching Dia-Loe-Gue right now right here, its kinda like funny variety show! Hahaha, so so hila hila! =))
Fyi, my phone is like really really coma and need to be repaired. The LCD is broken, and the hard case is eemmm, abstract maybe?  So, my brother brought it to his friend that (maybe) expert for such of blackberry stuffs. Hope my phone is back with good condition, not worse!
Not much thing to say. Bad and good things come and go. Errh, wish bitchy thing won't come back and knock the door again.


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