Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Give me some sunshine

Hi hello bonjourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :D
Uh oh, I can't tell how much I missing you guys. Hah, how long is it since the last time I post something?
Yeah, as you see, I run off my internet credits. I can't surfing for couple days, and it's so killing me.
Oh! I almost forget to tell you that we're having a short holiday this week, its because the senior high school students are having their national exam since yesterday. Hahaha, how sweet is that! I can wake up like really really late ( fyi, I wake up at 10 today), life treat me well lately. But bored to death because still can't figure out what to do at home.
Last Sunday, we went to Draco, it's like water boom something? Yeah, kinda like that. But this is smaller, but quite fun! hahaha, because jovani, her lil brother, elvia, and josvita joined! But I can't tell how tired I was when I arrived home, and crawled to bed directly. lol, we can't took pictures, how if the camera drowned in the pool? Definitely not funny.


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