Thursday, April 26, 2012

The stars comes out

Hello peeps!
How's your day? Hope it's your lucky day! ;)
It's raining heavily right now, geez, plus unfriendly and horrible thunder. What an erratic weather lately.
Since I feel bored and no topic to grambled, I'll post some tiny little things I love that bring pleasure and happiness feeling for myself and maybe you too! Read and relate.

  • When your favorite football team scoring a goal.
  • That first bite of food when you're really starving.
  • Take a warm shower.
  • When the internet connection is really fast than ever.
  • When you go to Disneyland or awesome amusement parks.
  • When you finally buy thing you've craving for a long time.
  • Listening to Jason Mraz's songs.
  • Buy an interesting book.
  • When you teacher say,"Kids, we'll have holiday tomorrow."
  • When you wake up lately and realize it's Sunday.
  • The final day of exam.
  • Seeing people happy.
  • That first gulp when you're drinking soda.
  • The scent of rain when it's stop raining.
  • When your parents really proud of you.
  • When you're writing on the first page of new notebook.
  • When you click MTV randomly and suddenly it plays your favorite song.
  • When your phone work really properly.
  • That comfortable feeling when you crawl to bed.
  • When your mom cook your favorite food.
  • When you open your fridge and find so many stuffs to eat.
  • When you recite the song lyric and sing it perfectly.
  • When you buy cereal with your favorite cartoon goodie in it.
  • When you wake up really early to go to airport for vacation.
  • When you can drive by yourself for the first time.
  • When you baked/cook something delicious by yourself.
  • When you're reading quotes that really similar to you.
  • When you playing tumblr and never get boring.
  • When you feel that your tumblr followers are increasing.
  • That feeling when you just come out from shower.
  • When your favorite song suddenly played on the radio.
  • When random stranger smiling at you.
  • When you can draw a circle perfectly.
  • When you got your car license.
  • When you're listening to old songs you used to love.
  • When you're being hugged.
  • When you finally found out your missing pencil.
  • That feeling when you're eating ice-cream.
  • When you're wearing your favorite tee.
  • When you get a follow back from your celeb crush.
  • When you're listening to the music with highest volume.
  • When your dream finally came true.