Saturday, May 5, 2012

Smooth criminal

Ola ola ola! I'm back, folks! :))
Just back from having dinner at cambridge, aaaa, feeling so full right now. Burrppppp. I leave my phone at home, so I felt so so empty without it while having dinner but usually my dad will scold me if I playing with my phone while eating .___. But now, I'm home! God blessed.
This afternoon we went to Elvia's house to study math but Melina didn't join us, she and her mom had to go to fitting her field trip uniform on upcoming Juny, somekind of that. Back to topic. Yes, we studying. Physically. 15 minutes later, we watching TV, chit chat, then went to swimming pool. The plan was just have a look around, but we ended up our clothes extremely wet. Well, luckily only those of us who are in the pool,so we can yell, scream, run, or whatever we want to do on there. Josvita was the most extreme one, her school uniform was really really wet, then I'm the second, and the last was jovani -_- she was not really wet, and maybe one day I'm going to take revenge on her. Muahaehaehaehae. Fyi, Elvia have a turtle as a pet, really cute, but when jovani turn over the turtle shell, I run for my life. It really like a durian but alive!
So I went home earlier than other, actually the plan was taking jovani home first, but my paps forgot to tell my bro to using car to fetched me. So jovani can't joined. I'm really sorry darling :(
Anyway, nice day thou rather than chilling on the couch doing nothing at home oh god.


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