Monday, June 11, 2012

Epic fail

Ohaayyyy, chicas! How's your holiday? Fun?
Well, we have more than fun. We have champion here,hello! Hahaha
Jovani,calista,agnes, and I were having a good good estafet competition for P2S1 this morning. Well, we run for our dignity and our class self-esteem. hahaha, well luckily thanks God, we're in second rank and got silver medal, better than nothing right? but not yet not yet, awarding of the medals for sports will be announced soon. Frankly my leg still shaking till now, and yeah we were so exhausted but we won it baby! Muchas gracias for all your support, thats all really make my day! :)

Lemme present you,wild young spirit. We are young from fun. covered by Boyce Avenue! Enjoy, xx

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