Monday, June 18, 2012

Lemonade tequila

Hello! this is moi again! :)
Omo, this is an extremely hottest summer this year, almost 37 degrees, the hottest temperature since 1970, and literally no rain at all. Totally insane!
Ah, so lazy to go out. Like very very lazy tho. Watching dvd marathon all day maybe perfect, but sooner or later my eyeball will pop out. Hah, so so moldy at home. Frankly, I'm so lazy to do anything. Lazy to get out from bed, lazy to shower, lazy to have breakfast, lazy to errrr anything! 
By the way, I fucked up my phone lately, I don't know why it could went wrong, It's so lag and I can't even open bbm, twitter, and just can comunicate via text. Pathetic. Errrrrr, how happy and satisfy am I if I can get a new one. Hehehe.
What a freaking lame connection, signing off guys,
See ya soon! *kiss the screen*

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