Monday, June 4, 2012

Nothing's real but love

Hello nigga! Finally its all end, imma officially holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! So so so happy!
Finally I can do anything that I can't do when school days. Yeayyyyy! By the way, it's June! Well, just wish for common things I craving for and great scores is my absolutely front-row wish. If 11.11 is really works, I'll stay up all night everyday to make my wishes come true tho. Mnbvcxz. Hey, I can post outfits post more recently anyway because my laptop is back and since I got nothing to do on this holiday. But I can't bear to say how much I miss you guys. Yeah, I'm hibernated for a long time. Hehehe, its all because exam + my brother actually fucked up the laptop. Yeah everything seems so so so boring since then.
So June, don't messed up with me, maybe May wasn't my month tho, I really tired of drama thingy. I need holiday, sunset, bed, and peacefully songs to listen.

Catch up you guys soon,

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