Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm not another.

Hellu. How's your day, fellows? :-)
Pardon moi for the absent? I'm quite lazy these days, I don't know why, maybe post-holiday syndrome. Hihihi
So, today, we went home soon because this is Freakin' Saturday buddies! and josvita jovani melina came home with me and planning to watch horror movie DVDs I bought yesterday, and the "real" plan is after we watching movie, we'll go to English tuition at 3. Well, we ended skipped our tuition (sst) and watch 3 movies in a row! Hell yeahhhhh! First movie is a fucking lame Japanese low horror movie with lame subtitle and lame actors and actress, geez, and the plot is really a crap. Not worth my 6k -_- lol. The second one well, from the cover it really look like horror movie, with a lady looking at the downstairs dark basement. And, guess what...  actually you can say it turns out become... a psychology drama? No ghost, no terrifying  things at all. Whatthefudge?! But we enjoyed a big ass of vanilla ice cream while watching it, so it's passable. hihi. The third one, " Sorority row" although I'd watched it before and I kinda a lil forgot the story, it's a thriller movie tho, much interesting. No ghost, but blood, le sharp objects, and dead bodies everywhere. Fiuhhhh, nice day tho. Usually I watch movie alone, not that interesting. But just now those girls were driving me crazyyyyy, hahahahha! :-D

Below: Cam-whoring btchassssss! ;-D

making gif

Hello, weirdo slanted eyes....

hihihi, I know this a little bit alay ._. but I like those snowflakes and red roses!

Oh! I almost forgottt, today is the first day of September! Hola September! :-)
Well, wish this is a perfect month, and everything will go better and better. Hehehe, not having a special wish list this month anyway, just like the last month one tho. But I'm craving for a watch? yeah, just like the one that I love in my fashiolista newly, hihi, so classy, I never have a good damn watch since I was born. Seems exaggerated, but it's a fact tho. Hihihihi, no problem, I'll buy it with my own money soon ;-)


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