Monday, September 10, 2012

Sun kissed skin

Flower crown DIY / Inner Unbranded / Floral outer Vintage / Bright denim Mobile Power / Necklace HoneyPleaseShop by Cindy Karmoko / Lace-up canvas Topshop

Photograph by myself

Sunday afternoon, got nothing to do, so I made myself a simple flower crown. Well, like I said, it's quite simple, you just need wire, faux tree plaster (thanks God,my mom bought this before), some fake flowers and leaves (I stole this from my mom's flower pot), and just stick or bundle them together. Quite simple right? But mine is not really a perfect circle, it quite oval and abstract, no wonder I never got high score for craft lesson.
Anyway, this is my first outdoor outfit post, yeyy! It was located on my rooftop. Luckily it was perfect warm sunny day! Love the sunshine, those fluffy cloud and breezy wind. Hihihi. Actually, I'd asked my brother to took some photograph of me, but he went nowhere that time. Cih.
Wellwellwell, last but not least just enjoy and place some comment 'kay sweetie? :-)


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