Monday, October 15, 2012

One of a kind

Arrived home earlier today. I'm feel so limp, my head is dizzy and I'm getting cold. Awesome huh?
Jovani also getting sick today, she's having a fever. Get well asap for both of us
Woah, and 3 days to go, guess what buddies.
Our second mid-term exam. Fuck this school. I'm so tired and massive stressed out. We have a genius minded principal with his brilliant plan that he thought could make us smarter. Tsktsk. I think it won't work, haha fucker. Plus our super large amount of f-ing test materials really driving us crazy. It's unfair and well we and even our school teachers were pissed off. It's insane,seriously.
I wish I could burn your ass down, as-a-whole.

Ciao, people.

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