Sunday, November 18, 2012

Arctic monkeys

Beanie hat bro's Unbranded / Leopard outer Unbranded  / Inner top Zara basic / Necklace Unbranded / PVC legging Unbranded / Shoes Bought at hk

A little bit fierce this time huh? Can you believe if I say those leopard pattern outer I wore only cost 30k or 3 bucks? Okay, you can say imma lucky. Even tho I don't really like leopard pattern, its all depending on with what you wear and what pattern you choose because it's leopard but still every pattern is different. If you know what I mean.
Not much things to say. Well, if you want to ask me some questions or sowhatever, you can ask me on formspring, just freely type your question(s) on my formspring sidebar and I'll answer it directly. You've to ask at least 5 question kay?lol. Bye! Have a nice weekend!



  1. firce!! you did a great job with that leopard outwear <3

  2. Nice outfit<3