Sunday, November 4, 2012

Makes sense

Hello lads.
Sorry for being unproductive lately, yea, somekind of massive lazy disease and kinda unwell, so mostly I spend my time to sleep or watching boring TV show everyday after school.
Anyway, just back from attending my friends's birthday treat . My stomach is extremely fully loaded and I think I'm having massive dizzy right now and I felt nauseous since I was having lunch..... Something wrong happens to my body lately, and this is killing me slowly.

Wow, time flies real fast. 2012 will end soon. And my birthdayy will coming soon! *samba dance*
And it's November already. I can take a breath briefly, cause exam was just ended. and ready for some remedial exam.
I've something for you you and you. I think boys and man in this entire world must listen, learn, and understanding the lyric.
I love it, love those words, Ed sheeran wrote it. Gosh, he's one of perfection.

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