Sunday, December 23, 2012


Heya readers! :)
Spending my day with dad lately, massive fun! Helping dad washed his car this morning and then headed to mall. Okay, I think this post will be boring cause no pictures at all. So, I bought like piles of DVD last night with dad. So, I can't wait to dvd marathon-ing this week! *samba dance*
I went to starbuck this afternoon and ordered chai tea in grande size and let's say that it's the worst tea I'd ever drank before. Fyi, I never ordered tea before on coffee shop, so this is kind of trying something new. You know, yolo. And it ended up my stomach doesn't felt so good and kinda nauseous. Okay for God's sake I'll never ever ordered it again.
Currently reading Life Of Pi. still can't comment much cause I just reading the first 23 pages. Anyway, just finished watching Taken 2 with dad just now. Okay, pretty cool movie and breath-taking. You should watch I guess.
Okay I'm so excited for tomorrow, we'll exchanging christmas presents!!!!

ciao lovebirds,xx


  1. hi, where is your school?
    maybe we can be friend?
    thanks for commenting my post

  2. I think you have a great time with your dad
    fun! :D

  3. hello!I'm on sutomo 1 exactly. Sure you can!:)


  4. well, good luck on you dear! :)

    just followed you! , mind to follow me back ? thanks :)