Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Feel the warmth

cardigan vintage / top Minimal / belt unbranded / short mom's / shoes Topshop

Having drama rehearsal on my house yesterday. lol, it's tremendously dramatic, hillarious and a lil bit mix of teenage soap opera. 
Yes, our bahasa teacher told us to make a drama. you can make whatevs you like but not the common one like cinderella, malin kundang, garlic and onion (lol) etc. So, we decided to make one. You know, what we made it's about love-friendship-drama (omg, ofcourse)-high schoolish-story. Bbbbzzzz, so yeah. 
We have watched the first performance of our classmate. It's about the princess who was kidnapped by thieves and the valiant knights went to jungle to save her blablabla. they actually took some toy swords and fight with tht stuff. and maybe because they're too excited suddenly the plastic sword broken into two pieces. anyway, they were acting almost perrfectlyy. omgomg I can't imagine, next week is suppose to be our turn to perform. *shaking leg* 
 Wish me double triple tons of luck!



  1. I love that tshirt!
    And I'm sure you'll be fine with your performance :D

  2. Adorable outfit, I love your t-shirt! (:

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  3. woooow such a nice outfit love this and very stylish
    i ll glad if you visit my blog thanks :)

  4. I've always wanted to play a role on school drama,that would be cool. Good luck with it!! Anyway that you're so lucky for having that vintage cardi. It's cute!! :)

  5. OH drama :) Your outfit is the opposite though - so simple and chic, I love it! x, Kat

  6. good luck for your drama next week :). anyway i really love your sporty-chic look <3

  7. Lovely outfit!

    xx Mounia

  8. Great casual look! xx

  9. Hello dear! Lovely blog! <3
    I think we should follow each other. What do you say ?Just let me know. Kisses

  10. Adorable <33