Friday, February 8, 2013

Center of my universe

this outfit post have been scheduled. In fact, it was last month shoot (using tripod) lol please don't be dissapointed. I'll update soon if I get a chance. 
Anyway sorry for procrastinating, but for the second time my wi-fi didn't work on my laptop and it's really frustating. The network service center is really pissing me off. so I use modem right now.
my school life is pretty intense at the moment and there are pretty lot of quiz essay we have to take this week plus bunch of assignments that creepin our ass lately. yeah pathetic. so is life.
tomorrow is chinese new year's eve and also our first day of chinese new year break.
 I'm so happy we could gather around and having fine dinner but it's still slightly sad because my grandma won't be there to join us like she used to. I think everything will be different by now.

 Snapback Mix it /  Leather jacket mom's / Dress local store / Socks dad's / Wedges Adr.projects

sometimes I feel desperated because I think my blog isn't as good as others. My photos are sucks as well. I use digital camera and the quality is pretty low if you notice.
And as you know, I don't wear high street or branded things much cause yeah I only wear things that my parents or me could afford to buy.  I can't force them to buy expensive things that I think it's pretty unsuitable to wear on my age tho. So that's it.
 Used to give up actually, I mean look, there are super gazzilion fashion bloggers out there that somewhat 100000 times better than you. they've better style than you, prettier than you, and many cool clothes to wear than you. So what's the point right....
But anyway massive thankyou for all of you who are still reading and supporting my boring blog till now and even take your time to comment here.

PS. Wait for my daily update soon! ^^



  1. nice outfit sunny, love the jacket :)


  2. Love your wedges!
    btw, mind to follow each other? :)

  3. Love how you mixed edgy pieces with a girly pink dress! Great contrast.

  4. cool post

  5. great outfit, love the way it's girly and edgy at the same time! you look stunning!

  6. So cute! I love the way you match the cap with the dress

  7. Don't give up, your photos are not suck at all. Just be yourself, don't follow other bloggers styles and you'll be a great fashion blogger :-)

  8. cool outfits <33 love your jacket and shoes! :)
    mind to follow each other? :)


  9. really cool maybe we can follow each other