Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daily essentials

hellos chitatos!
Omg officially missed y'all! didn't intend to abandoning blog anyway, well just getting busy because of school event and stuff. I've so much things to share guys! but maybe we can do it step by step. hihi

we've a short break started from last monday because the junior 3 students are facing their national exam so it's typically yeay to us! teehee  it can't be really considered as short break too because we'll have our afternoon lessons but we kind of skipped a couple periods this week because we've this school event we joined into. Feeling somekind of guilty tho.

Not in any specific occasion currently. which was boring. So to shoo-ing boredom-attack I'd make a list of my daily essentials at the moment. Try to make it simple and please enjoy!^^

from left to right

1. Wallet mango, this is a must when you're hanging out somewhere, well who doesn't need cash?!
2. Hair band, this is typically my most needed things, when it's like 100 degrees outside and bad hair day attack.
3. Cellphone, no details needed I guess?
4. Dry skin cream rosken, I occasionally having a dry skin especially on elbow area, this totally helps.
5. Perfume chanel, I changed my fragrance lately. Bored with the old one I guess. Basically it smells good and not quite feminime. so that's it.
6. Oil control film clean & clear, this will helps when you don't want your face looks oh-that-glossy and lessen excess oil.
7. Lip balm /exfoliator maybelline, I've uber dry lips and sometimes it horribly cracked. Had try a bunch of different lip balm, but maybe this is the best.
8. Handsfree / Earbuds ,music is one of essential things in my life, so this is the connector between us.
9. Facial lotion The body shop, I use it daily for clearer-looking face.
10. Body lotion The body shop, love the smells besides its really soften your skin.

My face getting tan and tanner recently. maybe because of swimming we did last week and wandering at town streets yesterday. what should I do to get my skin tone back? :(



  1. Oh really interesting your dayli!
    Many thanks for share!
    Sweetie Now I´m following you in Bloglovin´
    And GFC I hope your follow me back

  2. nice products :)

  3. nice choise, dear! xoxo
    love, Yulia

  4. beautifulllll, yes you need to dealing with those products in early age, as prevention like you know ;p

    Herdiana Surachman