Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yellow cray


Our final had ended like weeks ago. Hoorah! Happy! Happy!
We'll start our senior on this July. Oh well, it's a long while yeah buddies? I've so much spare time but my internet works like a brat till it's almost impossible to open a google page. duh. 
anyway, about my summer holiday...I don't go to vacation cause my dad and brother and mom were intensely busy so yeah. But I still enjoying spending my day on swimming or gym, social-networking, do my nails, dvd-marathon, reading books and et cetera. so that it is.  

as you seen, that yellow jacket is somekind childish or whatevs. It used to be my cousin, she grew up and her mom handed it to me, so its ceratinly a hand-me-down. It's cute tho. Love the bright colour~

okay, my face is not okay.

By the way, I'll post regularly soon, sorry for showing after like 10 millenium.
It's just I'm too profesional on procastinating stuff. yo.


  1. You look really cute and rebels c:
    Nice shoes and backpack! Xx

  2. super cool!!! love your look <333