Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spaced out

It's been legitimately hot and humid this week. so, a chill passion tea and thin fabric outfit were such a sweet relief! Wore a plain top that day which had been modified amateurly (is that even a word) by me. It was a sleeved oversized tee back then, but I suddenly realized i've a dozen of those so i decided to make it to sleeveless!

(plaid shirt and shoes from topshop,bag from giordano)

Still can't believing that i'm commencing my last senior year starting today. Feeling nervous and excited! Of course I was still quite pissed off for waking up early. Well, our class are a little crowded than last year. We have addition of 2 students from other classes which one of them was my friend on primary. Our form teacher settle things up and inform some new rules as always on our first and second period. Two of our teacher didn't attend the class so it's kind of boring having inval teachers came in and let us do anything we want. Anyway we have 2 periods of math on monday tuesday friday and saturday, what a heck! 


  1. superb!

  2. You look stunning.
    Love the plaid shirt. xo

  3. Found out your blog today. Love your style!x