Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hi guys!
Yep, I'm obviously conscious that I had keeping off myself from blogging these past few weeks. Besides of exam coming approach, my near-to-death laptop was on service a month ago and the service man took it for 3 days. I was so worried since then, concerned about all the pictures and apps will be deleted because of the format. After the laptop returned, I check it directly and I panic like crap. but after days of searching, I finally found them on hidden file. tricky.

So here you go,outfit post that i've holds for month(s). Anyway,simplistic is a really safezone and doesn't brought too-much atmosphere. Oversized fit white tee plus this perfectly distressed light-blue boyfriend jeans and nice comfy black birkenstock sandals (which is 2 size bigger) and leather jacket on shoulder for the "ka-boom" effect is what I deem as casual wear or nothing-to-wear look   -Right now, I'm typing this in a cafe at 12 pm  accompanied by my dad and nice music.


  1. love the whole outfit!!<3
    especially the clutch!!<3

  2. looking cool as always! i love the way you wore the jacket! <33

  3. Great post! Totally love the photos :)

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