Monday, November 25, 2013


wearing: plaid shirt from topshop, belt from mango, thrifted distressed jeans, backpack from giordano, shoes from topshop

Yesterday was teacher's day (read: student's day), we had celebration and some perfomance from our school students which mostly are our junior. While others are enjoyin' the entire show under the super hot blazing sun, we prefer to reside in class, took pictures, watching movies or did silly things. Actually we enjoy the freedom that we possibly get only once a year and undeniably the last *soob*
Talking about outfit, pretty much one of comfy jeans I've owned despite it's thrifted stuff. Not much thing to described instead of laid-back slash anything practical slash not-distracting-eyes-on-public outfit that i could probably wear for 24/7. Got bunch of what-wear-with-what inspiration in my mind, need spare time and spot-hunting to shoot some. 
Over the weekend I found out mostly cars and town covered by white dandruff alike vulcanic ash, due to Sibayak mountain eruption. So for medanese, be on alert and perhaps wear mask if you've a direct contact with air. Hope that families and citizen living around sibayak are safe and find secure place to shelter. 
Hit the bed soon due to deprived sleep hours and zero mood to doing anything. 


  1. Great picture and cool pants dear :D


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  3. lovely jeans!! love it!

  4. Cool Outfit and Awesome pics
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  5. Nice outfits. it looks comfy
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  6. Your boyfriend jeans looks so good, I can never find quality pants when thrifting. Great find!


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