Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jakarta visual diary

Packed a short trip to Jakarta alone 3 weeks ago, spending time with my brother (which was shopping in disguise). Jakarta is maybe just another big city with chronic traffic jam and scorching sun, aside from the endless malls and cool hang-out places, rushing people, sky scrappers, shopping spree, and me having a food coma. So one time my brother took me to a company where he'd a meeting appointment and perhaps I was quite suprised that most of the employees are americans and japanese and for the local employees they talked to one another with indo-english dialogs. My brother took me to a lot of places like 24 hours a day were not enough I guess. So far for the food, I prefer local, totally in love with soto jakarta, bebek kelayo, and Beautika's ikan rica-rica cakalang cause they tastes exquisite!
ci Shanti and me met up and spend a day together, we watched 4dx movie, enjoyed ice cream, burgers, desserts and chinese ramen, took zillion pictures, drank bottled juice at starbucks, and giggling at stupid stuff.
Aside from me gaining 3kgs after back from Jakarta, I've so much fun and would totally visit again if I had a chance!


  1. I've never visited jkt even once, but jkt seems so much fun according to ur story! Would like to visit if I got a chance lol
    Gr88 photos darlaaa~!

  2. we should meet the next time u come! ;)
    u take neat pics too urself sunny <3


  3. great pictures<33
    i want to go to jekardahhh too

  4. Really nice pictures dear! Jakarta must be amazing :)

  5. These pictures are amazing! The first one is awesome!


  6. Looks like you had a great time in Jakarta. You visited the right places! xx


  7. your photos are beautiful! they make me want to visit jakarta! xx

  8. Great pics! You should try The Breakfast from Ron's later, recommended!


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