Monday, October 31, 2011



 Fiuhh,what a GREAT & PEACEFULLY monday,full of business,problems,remedial homework,and suddenly I got cold & headache.GREAT HUH?And so,the remedial exams starting tomorrow,so,wish me luck of getting high scores,because my last exams scores are really really damn sucks:'(
So,our class monitor brought us a-not-really-important-news,so teacher's day is coming soon,so the Trashion Show 2011 will be held in the teacher's day I tought.So,they need some models and the custom designer,i'm quite excited,buttttt,buttttt,I think I'm not expert at kinda stuff,I mean,trying to make a custom for a hundred eyes to see,or walking gorgeously in the stage without shaking and cold sweat?wwooooo,you must kinda kidding me!
My friends asked me to participated.but,I said I'll think over it again.

 So,tell me my sweetest fellow,should I?

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