Saturday, October 29, 2011

The series of unfortunate events


Suddenly,I miss my childhood,When I was a kid,I was such a cheerful little girl,not much problem came in my small life,I miss the moments when I'm really confused with the stupid magic trick that my bro showed me,and when I'm fitting my bro basketball shirt and it was toooooo big for me and I just like wore a basketball gown,lol.when my father took me to Mc.Donald's every saturday nite just to bought me an ice cream cone,and when I'm cried when my father tried to played a joke and I ma,and laughed loudly when my bros make some stupid silly jokes,hahhahaha,

But life changed now,everything are going more complicated,cry for something useless,easily mad of small problems,and easily give up of something I dreaming about.That's our real life,jump then fall,fall then rise.And I just trying to accept it and trying to deal with.

"la vie est fonction de comment vous pouvez faire face à."
"Life is depending on how you can deal with."

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