Thursday, October 27, 2011

ignore my rawrs.

Voila! :D

I'm thinking about changing my post's font cause I'm bored with this font style,so what do you think?but i love courier typography :( It's so classic and vintage,just like typewriter font style.aaaaa!geezzzzzz.I'm confused.
Damn tired today,my brain is almost explode!
I'd found some fashion pics on tumblr,so let's pops some;)

By the way,I've just made up a wishes list,ignore my lame grammar,pretend that you didn't read that.hahahaha.damn,I felt stupid-_____-

  • slept late at nite and wake up lately.
  • have a excellent scores without cheating & study.*whattheheckisthat?-_-
  • went to overseas to have a college after graduated,awesome.
  • open a jetsetters fashion stores such as: TOPSHOP,ZARA,etc.
  • buy some killer gorgeous shoes from Jeffrey Campbell's.
  • went to Korea,visit my bro.miss him damn much.
  • mastered british accent and grammar.
  • my pimples are clearly removed.
  • a long long long long holiday.I need it.

well,well,well,enough for today,I'm going to continue watching my lovely korean drama;;)


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