Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Up & Down

Today I'm sooooo sleepy and like yawn more than a thousand times.Every night,I refused to sleep earlier because of reading online comics and blogging of course;),hahaha,and the morning i am tooooo lazy to wake up,and i wish i could miss the class only for today.

Well,i did something really awkward today,I borrowed my friend's phone to called my father and asked him to fetched me at school.And,after calling,I was about to returned the phone back to my friend,but she was just disappeared,so I put the phone in my pocket,when I saw her,i'll give it back.But until we went home,I still didn't realize that her phone still with me.Until I was about to changed my uniform,and realizing something huge in my pocket, hahhaha,and i was shockedddd!hahhahaha!
 So,I just watched a korean drama "Protect The Boss",much interesting,but now I'm much much starving,gotta have a dinner now,
Bye boo!:D

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  1. And you just change every single thing on it duh -___-
    Protect the Boss <3<3<3