Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deer in the Headlights

Hey,hey,hey.I'll gonna tell ya my daily stories,so let's prepare a bag of
It seems so many days I had not update my blog.hehehe,pardon me,lovelies,its because I'm not feeling so well recently.Yesterday I walked in the heavy rain for a long time,and there's an extremely high flood with a lot lot of very very dirty garbage and mud at roads around my school near the sambu market(so,imagine that,dude!).Omg,my shoes and socks were definitely wet and my feet was itchy.Really awful.And I got headache until just like really wondering..why Sutomo is really really rich,but they don't want to find a way to provide comfort for their students,aaahh,what-a-ego.Geez.

You know,I'd a really repulsive & childish friend.I'll not gonna to tell you what is the name.And yes,really fucking annoying,I'm sorry.I was like played a joke with this kind of creature at school just now,I hit him lightly,I mean softly/not-really-painful I think.But,his reaction just like I punched him with a jackhammer!Omg.He mad at me and I just like...WHAT THE FCK IS THAT?not only once,he acted like that too last time,I mean every single little tiny things,he will took it SERIOUSLY.G E E Z.

I don't know what the hell is going on with him.I guess he was in PMS or something,really.I think he changed.Last time,when we're haven't been separated by different class,he's really fun and not as sensitive as now.People changed you know,or they don't really changed.We just don't know the "real" them.


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