Monday, December 19, 2011

Bloody hell

Got math exam today.Totally sucks and....definitely pathetic.
Highly difficult questions,damn killer teacher,friggin' freezing class(like almost 0 celcius temperature),and I felt like having brain freezing for almost 2 hours and keep shivering because of the shitty aircons.Asdfghjkl.
How pathetic was that :(
But luckily,I'd a friend who seat behind me,hehe,her name is cinthy,she's such a kind and lovely girl.I asked almost all of the answer from her.She's such an angel,without any wings of course.hehehe
'Kay,no hopes for math.I'm totally dead.I wish my red mark have a not too lame score,like ex. 50 or 55,i'm lucky if I got that pretty score.Not like : 40,35,24,or 18!!!Omg.Horrible nightmare.

Okay,not type to much today,just spill some crappy exam things here.
God always bless my exam,
always & will,hehehe :p

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