Sunday, December 18, 2011

Whip my hair

Cheers to the freakin' helly weekend \m/

Math tuition at 8,and then continued to english tuition at 11.30.Absolutely exhausted and still sleepy.
My head keep pounding anyway-___-
Hate exam week by the way,Sunday just like another shitty days in a week.Busy of tuition and a tons of math paper.Insomnia keep coming around.
I wish I can refresh my brain today like the examples,starbucks ice chocolate and the volcano's chocolate dessert,mammamia,it's my mood booster!
Hehehe,and at afternoon,I went to my aunt's new house at Malibu,she'd just moved there,and it's totally oh-ma-zings.
She'd a luxury karaoke room,sparkling living room,a super duper wow bedrooms,an anna-sui-look-a-like liquor bar,and a cute kitchen.Its all like what I saw in korean drama I lately watched.

I'm speechless,dude.
And,I ate a(really)lot.
2 cups of Haagen dazs,Fruit Salad,Sate Padang,kolak,cakes,and etc.Absolutely full.But foods always makes me happy ♥

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