Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas socks

Today's the first day of  holiday,christmas comes 2 days more!
Christmas songs are play in cafe,restaurant,and mall.Every store had been decorated with christmas tree,sparkling light,and every worker wear a christmas hat with a smiley face.
I remember,when I was about 10 years old,I went to a store at mall with my family,and suddenly I saw a cute big blue christmas socks with a santa claus face at it,I love it very much,so,I asked my dad to bought it for me.My mom said that socks isn't useful and I just want to spent much money.So,I'm so upset and we went home.And the next day,when my dad fetched me from school by car,suddenly my dad gave me a store plastic bag.When I opened it,there's a christmas socks that I want yesterday,I'm really excited.Hehehe,I guess when he saw my upset face,he went to the store next day,and bought it for me.Hehe,anyway it's the best christmas I'd ever had ♥

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