Sunday, December 25, 2011

Silent night

Heyy Heyyyy,merry merry merry christmas everyone! :)

It's almost 1 midnight,in the dark light,typing this stuff,hehehe.
I've no mood to sleep right now.I prefer watching lotsa sparkling amazing firework & lantern in the night sky by my window.Hehehe.
I went to department store with my family just now.It's because I ask my mother to accompany me to buy some new clothes,and my father join too.I saw a varsity jacket,exactly the same like I wanted to have one.But it's a lil bit expensive,so maybe I'll buy it next time.After I save my money.Hehehe.Finally,I bought a red plaid shirt and a camel rolled-up pants.I adore them!
By the way,I'd re-decorated my tumblr.I love my new theme anyway.
Hope you guys like to visit & reblog my stuffs:)

Dear Santa,
Give them the best christmas they can't imagine.
They deserve the best.

Muchas gracias,
Sunny Sunartiyo.

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