Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sometimes I'm wondering,why there are some kind of people who like to caring too much on someone personal life?I mean,mine your own business,dude.Or you'll being hated because of that.
Well,maybe you are able and suppose to be care with people around you,but not too much OVER 'kay? 

Yeah,and in our life,we've friends and the royal haters,
I don't mind if you hate me,and I don't have to begged you to loved me too.
I made this blog to express my daily feeling,am I wrong?
So,if you read this,just shut up and read.
You don't have to spill out all stuffs I wrote here and make it controversial.I hate somekind like that.Lame things for me.

By the way,no offense and don't judge who are those person I'm talking about,you have no idea.


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