Friday, December 9, 2011

Keep sparkling

 Today is Andy's birthday,and he seems very upset because we didn't gave him any surprise,we just say happy birthday or something else.Pity him,its all because yesterday we just knew that today's his birthday,so no time for preparing surprise and present,aarrhh,please forgive us,Andy.We promise we'll prepare the surprise soon.Hehehe,cheer up Andy.Just be patient,big suprise coming soon.

Sometimes some people said that,
you're not good enough,you're not talented,you're too fat,ugly,or you're impossibly can do something well,and sometimes that makes us feel sad,feel descended,feel weird,and feel like we're not suitable in this sociality life.But,you know what?God makes each one of human with totally different and unique personality,and there's nobody else who has a really damn perfect life.
I love being who I am.
I wish I can express my feeling in my own way.
And I guess you all are beautiful & shining in your own way too.
Don't try to be somebody else,yeahh,who is almost perfect,but totally fake and wearing mask all the time.

Be proud of yourself,because you're one in zillion.

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