Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kick ass

Well,hello sweet-pie!

How can I say?Boring?Okay,no comment.
Watching a lot of DVDs lately.Yesterday,I watched Hangover Part II,okay,they're totally coolest besties ever.I mean,how they can faced the problems and easily forget their friend stupid-wow-mistakes.Two thumbs up.
Hehehe,and just now I watched Abduction & The Modern Family.Pretty cool.And you guys dunno how many snacks I spent by lying in the coach in front of TV or in front of laptop screen?Well,you don't have any idea,dude.
Below is some of things I can't live without.

Uuuuuu,all time favourite yeah?So,do you think I wanna do diet and get out from this?you-gotta-kidding-me.
and now,I'm craving for something sweet like cupcakes or macaroon or m&m's.Grawl.

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