Saturday, December 31, 2011

La Saint-Sylvestre

Amigos,mi amor :)

Happy new year's eve,everybodeh ;;)
It had been a tough year,2011,for me.Many things happened,from big disasters,global warming,Steve Job's dead,and all of my own personal problems.Tears,laughs,angry,drama,fights,backstabbers,well,it's enough.All I hope from 2012 is a good year full of joy and happiness,you know.No tears,okay,but maybe happy tears in.Sweet memories,new resolutions,makes friends,great scores,and absolutely makes my parents proud of me.Its too fast you know 2011 end,I mean,hey I felt like it was just yesterday I'd study in a brand new high school year.Well,it's half way year already.Gross,things get harder and harder as we grow older.I'm really confused of picking Science/Social class.You know,when you take science class,your parents must be proud of you and when somebody asks what class are you been,you'll highly proud and saying you're on science class,you'll be judged as a smart and intelligent people and will be success in the future.And when you're in social class,people will indirectly look down on you,and you'll be stamped as a lazy and stupid student,and your parents ashamed telling people you're on social class.Well,lemme tell you,its all are natural things happen in this hometown you know,people keep judged and judging,like they know what they exactly saw.Its pretty sucks and lame,but hey,this are how this town works.

I bought some fireworks for tonight,yeah,I never play fireworks since I was 8 years old I guess.Yeah,it's pathetic,dude.My bro I mean my second bro called me just now,saying happy birthday to me,I like,hey,my birthday is tomorrow.But actually it's okay for me.hohoho.My oldest bro have a birthday today,I saying happy birthday on facebook,but I don't know if he online or not,because I called him on Skype,he didn't respond it.Well,Sengil cukhahae,my lovely brother.Hope you get your happiness there.Hehehe.
Okay,these are some of my photos.Well....enjoy it,buddies!Okay,there's a photo which I can't rotate.Gross.
By the way,happy new year's eve everyone in this whole universal!

Blazer-Mom's  Tanktop-Topshop  Scarf-Besties gift  Hot pants-Girl's Power  Belt-Gift Tights-Tutuanna

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