Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two zero one two


Owwh,by the way,happy new year everyone!
Ayayay.I can't believe it I said it,new year's celebration on my hometown was exactly not bad ya know.First,the fireworks!I went to my roof with my dad at 12 am,okay,the fireworks were totally aw-ma-zing!They lit fireworks around the city at the same time.Wow.I'm totally speechless.Hahahaha.Its means Medanese people already rich.They can buy a lotsa fireworks that can light up till dawn,lol.I bought fireworks with my own money.Wasted,wasted,wasted.
Well,we'd did it so far at 2011.So,now,my buddies,we have to struggle and fight for 2012.Okay,there are many rumors about the-end-of-this-world in the end of 2012.I mean,who knows?We have to leave it all to God,let He decides when and how this world end right?So,all we have to do are keep learning & fighting,do the best for the rest of our life,makes parents proud,and do something that makes us happy.
Cause,we only life once,huh?

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