Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dawn to dusk

Hello,swag people!
I can't stop tumblr-ing recently.Grawl,I'm totally addicted to eye-candy models on the pics.Well,especially my ashy :3 Hahahaha,I can't tell how cute the boys are.So unyuuu,you can see them in my tumblr.Hehehe,I reblog too many and much!<3
Well,yesterday or another yesterday,two korean (girls) students came to our school like you know,student turnover.I dunno why they want to be here,and why this town?ahahaha,yeah,I should be proud they stay at our school.But,they have study at plus class,oh why not regular class onlehhhhhh?!it's so gross,ironic,and,pathetic!!
Okay,sorry for my enthusiastic!hahahaha :D
Today,we had to wash the fish pond for the go green extracurricular,but we ending up with catching fishes,and the black tiny tadpoles.Hahaha,fun,but my shoes dirty and full of mud -_-
Enough enough enough!I'LL QUITTT!
No lah,I'm not quiting this blog forever.hehehehe,just see you soon cool duddles!

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